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Update on One Unnoticed Life

The Story of Jenner of George Street.

I wanted to use the video I inserted in my last post in my sermon this morning, so I did some additional research just to satisfy myself that all the facts of the story are indeed correct. Here’s what I found out …

1. The story is indeed TRUE. It is the subject of a book that was published under the title “Jenner of George Street”.

2. In the video, the evangelist has the name incorrect. This is because the name was relayed to him in a telephone conversation, and he misheard the spelling. Not Genor but Jenner. Frank Jenner.

3. I believe the evangelist speaking on the video is Dave Smethurst. (Interesting fact – I attended Bible College many moons ago with his son, Paul.)

If you haven’t watched the video yet, scroll down to my last entry and take 9 minutes to check it out now. I was able to show it in our church this morning, and people were really impacted.

Pastor Phil