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Giving Away MILLIONS

Gospel tracts that people ask you for more of!
That’s the claim that Ray Comfort and Way of the Master ministries make. They produce a whole selection of very cool tracts that grab interest, and then present a very Biblical gospel message.
Their most popular tract is this “million dollar bill” (see above) that is so real looking, people have to examine it closely to see it’s “not legal tender”.
I’ve been handing these out, and it’s true – people love them! Just today, for example, I handed one to a toll booth attendant on the New Jersey Turnpike (those good folks NEED something to break the monotony – I’ve never seen one smile before, but this lady laughed out loud when she saw the bill.) Then I gave one to our waitress in Friendly’s – she was too busy to read it right then, but she took it and tucked it in her apron for later. Finally, this evening I gave one to a girl on the cash register at Lowes Hardware. She said, “This is awesome! I’m going to try and buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s and ask for the change!” As I walked away, she and another girl were reading the gospel message on it together.
Folks, this is one of the easiest ways to start passing out tracts. CLICK HERE to go to Living Waters website and order yourself a pack. Keep a few in your billfold, wallet or purse, and just hand them over everytime you pay for something (pay with real money first, or they might think you’re trying to pull a scam!)
Check out this video of actors John Travolta and Holly Hunter taking one of these million dollar bills …

Living Waters say that they’ve now printed 18 million of these tracts. Assuming they’ve all been given away (which is not possible) that means there are 287,000,000 Americans still haven’t seen one. I’d say that gives us all plenty of scope!
Pastor Phil


  1. Kurt Michaelson says:

    The Million Dollar Bills are good, but not as real looking as the Billion Dollar Bills with Charles Spurgeon on it.

    I’ve handed out the Big Money tracts that are large $100 bills, in Harlem two summers ago, with a bunch of people who also utilize the WOTM teaching, to evangelize.

    The tracts that the Living Waters ministry sells are great and present a clear gospel message to whomever receives one of them. has some good tracts too. Their Christmas Cash tracts are going to be well used this upcoming season.

    The way the economy and the market is right now, the Million or Billion Dollar tracts would be great to give away saying something like, “Here’s something to help in these troubled times.”

    Have you ever read Mark Cahill’s book, One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven? (

  2. Pastor Phil says:

    It’s funny. This morning my wife Alli was talking to me about witnessing in our mall this Christmas season, and said “I’d love a great Christmas tract to use.” I get on the blog, and you’ve pointed us to the resource, Kurt. Love that Christmas Cash! Thanks.

    Mark Cahill is an inspiration, but I haven’t read his book yet. But I will get it.

    I’m putting a link to your blog on my site. Great to hear from you again.

  3. Kurt Michaelson says:

    Pastor Phil, I have a copy of Mark Cahill’s book that I’d like to send to you. I found it in my box of tracts and bibles that are in the trunk of my car.

    I’ve got 700 Christmas Cash tracts that will probably start getting handed out after Thanksgiving, but I’ve got more coming next week from Living Waters.

  4. Pastor Phil says:

    I’ve emailed you Kurt.