Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther

Wretched Radio

OK, it’s time to admit it … My name’s Phil, and I have been a “Way of the Master Radio” junkie. (All together now: “Hi Phil”)

I’ve been used to getting the podcast every day and listening in my car while driving. It’s an excellent program, hosted by Todd Friel, promoting sound theology, sane discernment, and passionate evangelism. We would have some disagreements on peripheral issues of the faith (perpetuity of some spiritual gifts, etc) – but on the essentials of the nature of God and His salvation plan … united! Great stuff.

It pains me to say it, but I feel a lot more affinity with Todd & Co than I do with many of today’s pentecostal and charismatic preachers who have abandoned the gospel of the New Testament. Traded it in for man-centered craziness.

WELL … as of December 1st …
the show is no more! (At least – not by the old name.)


BUT the good news is that it has been relaunched under the new name “Wretched Radio” which aligns it with the Family Net TV Show “Wretched”. Both shows are hosted by Todd Friel.


If you haven’t tuned in yet, I highly recommend it. CLICK HERE to visit their web site. You can download a sample segment. If you want the archive of daily podcasts, plus access to all the TV programs, and some other great privileges, you can sign up to be a member very inexpensively. Well worth it!