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Town Hall for Hope event

We are very pleased to be hosting Dave Ramsey’s nationwide “Town Hall for Hope”.
Next Thursday night, April 23rd at 8.00pm.

[Note: the event is at our church facility –
not at the local Town Hall.]

Last year we ran Dave’s “Financial Peace University” training course at First Assembly, and it was one of the best-attended, most talked-about programs we’ve had. So many people were encouraged and helped very practically with getting their finances in better shape. This is just THE best stuff out there on personal financial management … bar none … no question!

What a timely course it turned out to be with what has ensued over the following months in our economy, and the fear and gloom that has gripped so many people as a result.

This one night event is designed to give people back hope, and some real answers and strategies for their families. If you live in the Danbury area, don’t miss being with us next Thursday night! If you live further away, this event is being beamed live via internet into churches all over the place so go to and find out the nearest venue to where you live. There’s also a cool video on that page for everyone to watch that will just get you excited about what next week’s event is all about.

This is a no-cost event. Just come, and bring all your friends! I look forward to seeing you there.