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Weather Woes Putting The Squeeze On American Churches

Yesterday I drove down to Pennsylvania for a meeting. There is so much more snow down south at the moment. I was listening to the radio and it was being reported that there was actually snow on the ground in all 50 states (even Hawaii at high elevations).  Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama … all have snow!

The three very large systems, that buried Washington DC in over 50 inches, all missed us to the South (mercifully).  Talking to pastors from down there, there are some who have had to cancel church services 3 Sundays this year. Ouch!

I remember we were hit like that a couple of winters back, and lost 2 Sundays.  It disupts everything, of course. Planned series and special events all have to be rescheduled, and you feel like you’re losing your sense of contact and continuity with each other.

But the practical side of it is that when the church doesn’t meet, they don’t have the usual opportunity to receive offerings. When you do get back to regular services, some people will “back-pay” what they would have given. I can testify, however, that you never quite make it up. Some of that giving is lost.  I don’t know too many churches that have large cash reserves – we mostly all live month to month – so it really hurts.

This comes at a time when churches were already stretched because of the situation with the economy, many members having lost jobs, AND everyone trying to respond to the tragedy in Haiti. Many churches were already cutting their budgets and laying off staff.

Pray for the American churches that are really under the pump with this latest challenge. It’s snow joke! (Sorry)  Ultimately God will use all this to strengthen us, teaching us to rely on Him and not to be wasteful. But it’s tough right now for many.

Thankfully, our own church (having not lost Sundays) is doing pretty well. But I’m praying for my brothers and sisters further South.



  1. Juan GarciaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Pastor Phil, we down here in North Carolina we have had the worst weather in 30 years, last night in my area Fuquay Varina (in the Research Triangle, south west of Raleigh) 2-3 inches of snow, last week 7 inch, and about 3 weeks ago another 2 inches. Our Church, an AG church had to cancel 1 Sunday service, but also several outreaches, bible study and training meetings have been postponed, one was a food ministry were we deliver food to families in need. The problem isn’t so much the amount of snow, the problem is the towns really doesn’t invest in snow removal, our first year we only had 1/4 inch of snow for the entire 2008 year, main problem is the black ice. Minimum salt, and a couple of plows not enough to clean all the roads. My street doesn’t get any cleaning at all. By the way, down here, we have year round schooling, they’re not expecting to cancel schools for snow, when they do, the children have to go to school on Saturday. My nephew hates it LOL. Great page Pastor Phil, God Bless, Love to the family

  2. Great to hear from you Tony! We miss you guys. Our love to Dorcas. Stay safe.

  3. It’s called “global warming” Phil, just ask the biggest spin doctor, prognosticator and human face of evil preaching carbon taxes, global tax, one world government – yes “Al Gore”
    Its the gospel, because they know that the average person believes what they are told from their pulpit – the Media.
    They wouldn’t lie!

  4. He invented the internet too, Brian. Haha. You’re 100% right.

    What’s it been Brian, 20+ years? Great to be in touch. Trust all’s well with you. Love your YouTube channel, by the way!