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“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards (Free pdf Download)

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry GodWe have a brand new eBook available for instant download (just CLICK HERE).

“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards is the most famous sermon ever preached on American soil.  We have reproduced the entire text of the sermon here in .pdf format for easy download and distribution. It includes a brand new introduction with information about Edwards, the historical setting during the Great Awakening, and what the sermon says to us today.

It will remain available here on our download page.




  1. Martin MurphyNo Gravatar says:

    Found your blog from twitter. A former mentor and friend, Dr. John Gerstner, introduced me to Edwards when I was in seminary. Thanks for posting this. I will visit your blog often and I put a link you blog on mine. You are welcome to visit my blog and web site listed above. I also have another web site will several manuscripts that I make available to the public.

  2. Thanks Martin. Dr.Gerstner made a profound mark. I can only imagine it was a great experience to know him as you did. In my study I was recently reading again through a small book he wrote called “Repent or Perish”. He wrote it in response to John Stott and Philip Hughes when they proposed an annihilationist position. As usual, he is brilliant, forthright and thorough.

    I’ve reciprocated with a link, Martin. Great site!

  3. a Lot of times in the past when I have left comments or asked questions I have seen where they have asked for name,email Which I understand ,but also they sometimes but not always,ask for but not required as yours does ask for website ,which I am not sure what that means.anyhow to get to my question.Do you know any website or tract league or such that has Jonathan Edwards famous sermon in the FORM OF A GOSPEL TRACT.CD OR otherwise.?

  4. If you enter your web site or blog address, your name will link back to it in your comment. A nice way to promote your site for those who may be interested in knowing more about you. But you don’t have to enter anything.

    Banner of Truth sell the CD of actor Max McLean preaching it. I have it – it’s excellent! Check it out at

    As far as a gospel tract, it has often been available as a booklet. I’m sure you could search for it on Amazon. It would be expensive to give away a lot of them, and also would be a long read for that purpose. It would be a great idea for someone to do a really good “abridged” version that would fit in a tri-fold tract (like the old Keith Green tract series).


  5. Is there a Gospel Tract for this Sermon