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Is Washington Emboldening Iran’s Anti-Semitism?

US Israeli relationsIranian President Ahmadinejad told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ that his country will “definitely continue on its path” with its nuclear program despite Israeli threats of military force. “They’re finished. The Zionist regime is finished. They can’t even manage Gaza, so they want to get into a conflict with us?” he said.

The reckless contempt the Iranian President shows toward Israel seems to grow by the day. If recent regional history teaches us anything it is that an Arab leader (Sadam Hussein the most recent example) has been very willing to employ a strategy of trying to provoke Israel into a military strike knowing that such action in turn would unite the Arab world against them. The agenda of radical Islam is the annihilation of Israel.

Middle East relations have long been a delicately balanced affair, which U.S. foreign policy has been a major player in maintaining the stability of.  Given this, the recent posture the White House has taken toward Israel to all intents and purposes signals a doctrinal shift that obviously feeds into the hands of the likes of Ahmadinejad.

In March, it was widely reported how ignominiously Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was treated on his visit to the White House. The press reported it as an obvious “snub” by the Obama administration. In the Israeli media it was even called a “hazing”. Robert Malley, director of the International Crisis Group’s Middle East program, told The New York Times that “the writing is on the wall that Obama and Netanyahu are going to clash on the final status (of the Palestinians)”.

When America stands firmly behind Israel, Middle East posturing is kept in check. When America wavers, the dangerous rhetoric increases, and the possibility of conflict increases with it.

Where is this White House getting its counsel on Middle East relations? From a purely geo-political standpoint, one has to question their sensibility to the gravity of their actions. It’s hard not to see it as criminally irresponsible.

From a Biblical perspective, what more can America do to offend God? Added to the official condoning of gross immorality and the legislative promotion of every form of sin, we now have moves toward the abandonment of God’s people. Beware! God is faithful to His covenants forever. His promise to Abraham concerning both him and his descendants is I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you “. Genesis 12:3



  1. America stands in terrible judgment because of the President’s insensitive treatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel as a whole. It’s too bad that Genesis 12:3 is not in the forefront of their minds more often before they speak or act.

  2. Jim GarlickNo Gravatar says:

    In light of the above how do you account for the recent appointment to the High court Elena Kagan a lesbian jew by Obama – this makes four jews on the high court and no protestant christians. Will they defend the christian values of mainstream USA? I doubt it.
    The Genesis quote above was given to the gentile Abram, there was no Jacob yet hence no Israel and no children of Israel. Does the blessing extend to ashkanzi jews who adopted judasim and have no genealogy to Abraham and who are the main promonents of zionism and instigators of the world’s largest prison camp called the Gaza Strip.
    I don’t think we should as christians so pro jewish when they are obviously mis-treating the palestinians through etnic cleansing.
    If we considered aparthied evil why don’t we condemn the aparthied wall in Israel. We should not as new covenant believers promote one race above another.
    Ask yourself if the USA who gives billions to Israel plus weapons and other things is the USA blessed? It is increasingly becoming more anti-christian, through legistlations and political correct laws, promoted by the ACLU and it is economically a basket case and cannot get out of it trillions of debt, it has millions on the bread line, and a great deal of personal freedom has been lost since the twin towers came down.

  3. Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay in approving your comment and replying. It’s just been busy-ness; the blog has been unattended to for a number of days.

    The fact that Abram, as you rightly point out, was called out of Ur of the Chaldees before the Jewish people existed is really not relevant. The fact is the covenant that God made with him encompassed the entire nation that would come from him – the language of the covenant is all about his offspring, not him alone as an individual. The Jewish nation rightly see him as the starting point. The child of promise is Isaac – not Jacob but his father. If you are simply referring to the name “Israel” that was given to Jacob at Peniel, that is not the beginning of the covenant, but the reiteration of it. And the promise of blessing clearly runs throughout the Bible for God’s chosen people, the nation of Israel to the present day.

    The preservation of the Jews in the diaspora would not have been possible but for the hand of God; the modern state of Israel is a miracle. The Balfour Declaration of 1917, and the re-establishment of the Jewish State in 1948 are signal points of history, and one of the clearest evidences of God’s continuing faithfulness to His covenant. The return of Jews to their homeland over the past 50 years is, again, miraculous.

    I am not suggesting we must blindly support everything Israel does. They are as capable of wrongdoing as any other government in the world – including our own governments. But the unrest in the Middle East today, make no mistake about it, is rooted in the hatred against the Jews.

    Your view of Israel v the Palestinians is very one-sided, and one fed by the popular media. Again, without suggesting Israel are never at fault, as a legitimate government they have legitimate security concerns for their people. The terrorism by rockets and suicide bombers on a daily basis from Hamas and other groups call for a vigilant response.

    There’s a very interesting video of Mosab Hassan Yousef – son of one of the leaders of Hamas, who has converted to Christianity and denounces Islam. He, as himself a former Hamas soldier who was imprisoned for his activities, says that when Israel have killed innocent civilians, it has been by mistake. Unlike the anti-Israeli terrorist groups who do so intentionally. Check out the interview for yourself at

    You recall the international outcry after 9/11. No-one in their right mind could suggest that the USA should not have responded by (1) defending herself, (2) seeking to bring the terrorists to justice, and (3) imposing whatever security measures necessary to protect US citizens. But when Israel does the same, she is denounced and vilified.

    Finally, re the USA and God’s blessing. As I suggested in my post, there are a whole host of things America is doing that we should only expect to draw the anger of God. If as a nation we turn away from our historic stand with Israel, it will be just one more thing.


  4. I just love this photo! It is interesting to see the scohol and an American scohol bus certainly, bu I agree with you. We see this blessing from God and know but know but know He is with us, watching over us and will always keep His promises. Such a lovely sight over the scohol too! TFS!