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Interview With An Atheist [Video]

This video has been around for a while, but it’s well-worth posting it again here for anyone who hasn’t seen it. It’s an extraordinary challenge to Christians. This young man has uncommon clarity – he understands what a life consistent with a profession of faith in Christ must mean. Watch it:

Why don’t so many Christians get it so plainly?

As I listen to him I’m reminded of the often told story about the young Englishman who was condemned to be hanged to death, and when he was being led out to the gallows a chaplain walked alongside him reading from the Bible about eternity, and the judgment that awaits those who do not repent and trust Christ.  But he was reading the passages in a monotone, without any emotion, just as though he’d read them a thousand times before.  Until finally, the young prisoner stopped him, and asked “Do you really believe what you are reading there?”  The Chaplain replied that he certainly did.  To which the young man said, “If I believed what you say you do about the flames of hell, that such a place existed, then I would crawl across the length and breadth of England on my hands and knees over broken glass just to save one person from ever going there.”

What are you and I prepared to do?


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  1. An intelligent young man, but I certainly hope that he has changed his belief as an atheist since this was recorded.

  2. Yes, I’m sure a lot of people have prayed for him since the video was released.