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Go Stand Speak [DVD Review]

Go Stand Speak DVD coverMy copy of this much anticipated DVD finally arrived in the mail Friday. It was worth the wait.

Go Stand Speak: The Forgotten Power of the Public Proclamation of the Gospel is about the too often neglected evangelistic method of open air preaching. In many quarters of the church today this DVD will unfortunately go down like a lead balloon. There is a widespread inocculation against all forms of confrontational evangelism; “soft-sell” is the order of the day. Add to this the common idea that our generation is somehow uniquely different from all that have gone before (in spite of the fact that every single generation in history has believed this about themselves).

So let’s just understand up front that this DVD is not likely to outsell “Your Best Life Now” any time soon. But if, by God’s grace, it can be used to stir the hearts of even a few more to join the ranks of faithful street witnesses, it will be a great blessing and of eternal value. I thank God that these ranks ARE swelling today. God has been raising up an extraordinarily vibrant and robust movement to once again faithfully proclaim the gospel.

The DVD Content

The main program, which is a mix of documentary, teaching and passionate appeal, runs about 2 hours in length, besides several special feature additions. So it’s a substantial contribution on the subject. There is so much material that I want to watch it a couple more times – next time with a legal pad, pen, and remote control in hand so I can pause it and write down some of the great historical quotes.

The content is laid out in 5 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. “Thus Saith the Lord”
  3. Power of the Preached Word
  4. The Man, the Message and the Method
  5. Objections to Street Preaching

Section 2, “Thus Saith the Lord” lays out the Biblical foundation for open air preaching, and also sets it’s historical purpose in today’s cultural milieu of humanism, the cult of individualization, and the consequences of technology. If Christians today really believed in the authority of God’s Word, one could actually switch the DVD off after this section and have all the basis you’ll ever need to realize this work is essential and irreplacable.

The 3rd section, “Power of the Preached Word” is a wonderful call to believing in the inate power that the Word of God has when it is publically proclaimed, and how God has promised to work through it by His Holy Spirit. This section will provide great encouragement to preachers to persevere regardless of apparent results or lack of them.

Then in the 4th section, “The Man, the Message and the Method”, there is a collection of actual clips from the streets showing preachers in action, along with practical and time-tested instruction on how to do it effectively.

Finally, anticipating the response from many who’ve swallowed the “friendship evangelism is the only way to do it” tranquilizer, there is the section on “Objections to Street Preaching”.

To Sum Up

This new DVD is presented by people serious about the calling and craft of open air work. Their case is strong, and far from being the views of fringe fanatics, their approach is clearly characterized by thoughtfulness, love of Scripture, personal preparation, balance, dependence on God, faith and courage.

Also on the DVD, the Special Features section includes several short clips designed for public screening to encourage street preaching, some video footage of Eric Holmberg open air preaching at the 2010 Kentucky Derby, and a few minutes by Dr. Peter Hammond on the history of open air preaching, particularly in the lives of William Farel and David Livingstone.

I highly recommend this DVD to all Christians. I especially urge pastors and other church leaders to get a copy and let it challenge you as to what YOUR church is doing about arresting the attention of and rescuing perishing people. We do not all have to do it the same way, but we all must do it. Get the DVD, and see how God will move in your heart through it’s message.

Special thanks to Pat Necerato, Eric Holmberg and all at Go Stand Speak Ministries for producing this much needed resource for the Body of Christ.