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Mission’s Flame by Matt Redman [Video]

Great song by Matt Redman, putting the emphasis in Missions right where it belongs … for the praise and glory of God. That’s the theme of our brand new Study Hall series this Wednesday night: “Let the Nations Be Glad”If you live in the Greater Danbury area, join us Wednesday at 7pm.

Click “More” below for the lyrics to Matt’s song …

Mission’s Flame

by Matt Redman

Let worship be the fuel for mission’s flame
We’re going with a passion for Your name
We’re going for we care about Your praise
Send us out

Let worship be the heart of mission’s aim
To see the nations recognize Your fame
‘Til every tribe and tongue voices Your praise
Send us out

You should be the praise of ev’ry tongue
You should be the joy of ev’ry heart
But until the fullness
Of Your kingdom comes
Until that final revelation dawns
Send us out

Ev’ry tribe ev’ry tongue
Ev’ry creature in the heavens and the earth
Ev’ry heart every soul
Will sing Your praise
Will sing Your praise
Ev’ry note ev’ry strain
Ev’ry melody will be for You alone
Ev’ry harmony that flows from ev’ry tongue
We’ll sing Your praise