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Shopping Mall Hallelujah Chorus [Video]

Shoppers having lunch in the food court at the Welland Seaway Mall in Ontario Canada on November 13th were surprised when suddenly Chorus Niagara did their thing right there around the tables. Awesome!



  1. Hallelujah! I love hearing such a beautiful song, gloriously sung to the praises of Christ the King.

  2. M. A. BrooksNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome! Wish I had been there but this video is the next best thing. GREAT JOB, Choir!!!

  3. This was incredible – especially when here in Australia many shopping malls are no longer playing the good old Christmas carols – “not to offend those of other faiths.” There’s another video similar to this in a Macy’s store in Philadelphia, where the customers all enter in to sing the Hallelujah chorus. Brilliant! Have a wonderful Christmas festival of rejoicing at First Assembly. We pray for you al.

  4. Shirley KurzNo Gravatar says:

    This made me cry!