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40 Days With Jesus Devotion #5 – A Lesson About Prayer

Today’s Devotion:

A Lesson About Prayer

Read Luke 11:1-4

The Lord’s Prayer is the most famous of all prayers found in the New Testament.  Many can recall learning this prayer as a child, which has likely been taught to succeeding generations too.

If you have been teaching your children or grandchildren this prayer, you would be teaching more than just words to them as they recite this.

You would be teaching them theology!

The disciples may not have realized what they were asking to learn from Jesus with regard to prayer, but these few verses teach a lot more than the space allotted here.

Here is a short list of what Jesus taught His disciples when they asked how to pray:

  • God’s name is Holy– God’s name is holy and is to be kept in the highest regard of reverence in our thoughts, actions and words.  The world may blaspheme His name and treat it as insignificant, but the Body of Christ is to treasure it greatly in their hearts as well as from their mouths.
  • God’s will is Sovereign– All that God will do, He will do, for the glory of His kingdom that He rules over, on earth and in heaven.  Our prayer should be selfless for the fulfillment of the will of God and not selfish for the fulfillment of the will of ourselves.
  • God’s Provision is to be trusted– For today, trust God to provide for your every need.  From sunrise to sunset, just as God did for the children of Israel in Exodus 16 each day, so too will He provide for you, if you trust in His provision.  Tomorrow has enough worries of its own (Matthew 6:34), so, trust God to provide for today.
  • God’s Reconciliation is to be modeled– Just as God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, so too, should we model reconciliation with one another, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ has forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:32)
  • God’s children will be Delivered– God will always allow His children the opportunity to be rescued from the powerful temptation to sin against Him.  He stands ready for you to call on His name where you can find a place of refuge in Him. (Psalm 91)

When we come before God’s throne of grace to pray, remember to acknowledge these wonderful attributes of God throughout your prayer to Him.

During these 40 days with Jesus, may your devotion to Him continue to grow more and more each day.

Kurt Michaelson