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Friday Dispatches – Week Ending 9/28/2012

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A collection of assorted postings and pages I picked up while aimlessly wandering around the net this past week.


  • A couple of great posts on the Cripplegate blog earlier in the week.  The first was a short reminder by Clint Archer about Expository Listening.  It’s not just the preacher who has work to do during Sunday morning’s sermon! I wrote something on this topic myself not long ago.
  • Then a heart-wrenching and very thought provoking article by Josiah Grauman, Why We ‘Chose’ to Have Beautiful Babies. Josiah suffers from Loeys-dietz syndrome, but he and his wife decided to have a family in spite of the odds of passing the disease on. 2 of their 3 children have the disease. Agree or disagree with their decision, you cannot help but be moved by the story.
  • Adrian Warnock took the bull by the horns by starting a blog series on Complimentarianism.  His first post was a round-up of the various views in an easy-to-compare table format. A very helpful introduction to the topic.
  • Just when I thought my head was swimming from thinking through these couple of complex issues, along came the interview with Vaughan Roberts about his personal battle with same-sex attraction. Vaughan is the Rector of St.Ebbes’ Anglican Church in Oxford, England, and Director of the excellent Proclamation Trust (a group focused on training expository preachers). He is a thoroughly Evangelical Christian minister who is committed to the Biblical teaching that sex is to be reserved for monogamous heterosexual marriage, despite his own battle.  This article is a MUST read.  It confronts the spirit of the age that is setting up camp in the church on this issue, while at the same time challenging us all to compassion for those wrestling with these temptations. (Thanks to Justin Taylor for pointing us to the article.)
  • And one more. A video. Os Guiness was guest speaker at Eric Metaxes’s Socrates in the City.  Guiness spoke on “A Free People’s Suicide”.  Wow!  He talked about the understanding that the framers of the American Constitution had of the need to preserve freedom once it was won.  If only every public servant in the land could hear this.