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New eBook: “The Promise of the Spirit: A Reformed View” by Peter Garner

The Promise of the SpiritToday I’m releasing a truly special little eBook available for free instant download (just CLICK HERE).

“The Promise of the Spirit: A Reformed View”, by Peter Garner, first came into my hands back in 1991. It was mailed to me by a friend as a small typewritten and photocopied booklet. To my knowledge it has never been published.

I have tried to contact the author, but with no success to date. I understand that he was an Anglican minister in England, who was very involved in the Charismatic renewal. It’s very likely that, if indeed he hasn’t gone to be with the Lord, he would be retired by now.

This eBook is a gem. In it, Peter Garner — coming himself from a Reformed theological position — surveys the Scriptures and produces a compelling apologetic for the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Just 50 pages in length, this is a wonderful Bible study that will inspire, encourage and challenge you.

I hope you’ll download it, and distribute it freely and  widely. You can email it to a friend, or just send a link for people to get it right here on the blog. It will remain available on our download page.



  1. Hi Pastor Phil – I’ve downloaded “The Promise of the Spirit” and plan to start reading it tonight. I’m a licensed A/G minister (since 1995), yet I’ve become quite reformed in my theology, so I’m excited to have maybe found someone to converse with regarding my rather strange position. :)

  2. Not so strange, Blaine. :) Great to hear from you. I think you’ll really enjoy the read. Let us know!

  3. Who is Peter Garner? I’ve never heard of him.

  4. Keith, he was a minister in England up to the 1990’s. We have tried very hard to make contact with him or his family recently, but have been unsuccessful so far. I understand that he was well known in Reformed Charismatic in circles in Britain in the 70’s and 80’s. This book is a little treasure.



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