Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther

Friday Dispatches – Week Ending 11/2/2012

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A collection of assorted postings and pages I picked up while aimlessly wandering around the net this past week.


3 things have dominated the past week, and 1 more thing SHOULD have.

  • Superstorm Sandy. The devastation has been terrible. We live 50 miles from New York City, and spent 24 hours hunkered down listening to the wind howl outside, but we are very grateful that we didn’t even lose power. (50% of our city did.) Some of the most stunning photographs are from National Geographic: Hurricane Sandy Pictures: Storm Turns Iconic Sites Ghostly.
  • The Presidential Election Race. Just a few days to go, and won’t we all be glad when it’s over! It’s vitally important, however, so let’s grin and bear it — thoughtfully and prayerfully. Nathan Busenitz gave some great help for Christians regardless of our political leaning and the outcome of any particular election. Prayer & Politics.
  • Reformation Day. October 31st. Justin Taylor wrote a great piece: What Was Luther Doing When He Nailed His 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Door? (And I wrote from a different angle on Reformation Day Plus One)
  • Benghazi. Here’s the story that SHOULD have been leading everywhere, but which the mainstream media is largely ignoring. Today the Wall Street Journal finally has a story summarizing what we know (that is bad enough that we wish we didn’t) and what we don’t know (which is important enough that we really need to). Read: The Fog of Benghazi.