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“The Renegade Pastor” by Nelson Searcy [Book Review]

This book review is, I guess, of most interest to my colleagues in ministry (although it would make a great gift for your pastor!) By my count, The Renegade Pastor, is Nelson Searcy’s 12th book in print, not including scores of other ebooks and digital resources he’s produced. But THIS book is probably the one […]

My Top 5 Inspirational Christian Movies

Here’s my shortlist of inspirational Christian movies that everyone should watch. You’ll note that (a) they’re all true stories, (b) that all but one are biographies of famous Christians, and (c) that only one is a story from the Bible. These are personal preferences, of course, and they reflect my love of church history. I […]

“Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” [Review]

For the past 2 years I’ve been involved with organizing an annual missions awareness and training day for pastors and church leaders. Our third event in March of 2013 will focus on the horrific worldwide industry of human trafficking. In preparation for this I was asked to watch the newly released, multiple award winning documentary, […]

Leaders Book Summaries [Review]

A couple of months ago I stumbled on the website of Leaders Book Summaries and I’ve become a bit of a fan. The concept has been around for a long time; I know of at least one other larger company offering a similar service (there may be more). The idea is that you subscribe and […]

“The Spirit-Filled Church” by Terry Virgo [Book Review]

The ancient Greeks devised a very unique instrument known as an “Ayolian Harp”. It is still handcrafted in very small numbers today. Its uniqueness is that it’s a stringed instrument that is not designed to be played by human hands. It’s placed in a window in the same way that someone might position a wind-chime. […]

Revisiting “The Great Divorce” [Book Review]

If you’ve never read “The Great Divorce” by C. S. Lewis, it is a powerful book. It’ s been years since I last cracked this old classic open, but just recently I picked it up and was enthralled all over again. Anyone who enjoyed Lewis’s other famous work, “The Screwtape Letters”, will love this book. […]

“Simplicity in Preaching” by J.C. Ryle [Review]

Pastor Al recently purchased a number of copies of this wonderful little booklet and gave me one. It’s based on a lecture delivered at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, on behalf of the Homiletical Society by J.C. Ryle (who Spurgeon called “an evangelical champion . . . One of the bravest and best of men.”) What a great (and […]

New Gospel Resource: The Story

Spread Truth Ministries have just released an excellent resource called “The Story”.  It’s a 12-page tract (booklet) in a very striking and contemporary design that gives a good, accurate presentation of the gospel. It would be really great one to order and hand out in October as part of our “31 Day S.O.S. Challenge”. But […]

Go Stand Speak [DVD Review]

My copy of this much anticipated DVD finally arrived in the mail Friday. It was worth the wait. Go Stand Speak: The Forgotten Power of the Public Proclamation of the Gospel is about the too often neglected evangelistic method of open air preaching. In many quarters of the church today this DVD will unfortunately go […]

Book Review: “The Essence of Christian Doctrine” by Martin Murphy

I became acquainted with Martin Murphy recently through a couple of online exchanges, including comments he left right here on this blog. Martin has more than 20 years experience as a pastor and teacher, and holds degrees in Bible and Divinity from Columbia and Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his wife live in South Alabama. […]

Bizarre Website – “The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”

This peculiar story was picked up by Wretched Radio earlier this week. A group calling themselves VHEM, or “The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”, (we have no idea how large the membership is … one hand or two?), have launched a website espousing a philosophy of, yes, “Voluntary Human Extinction”. Yup, snuffing ourselves out. You can […]