Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther

A Great Mystery

This morning’s Message Outline: 4/19/09 – First Assembly of God “A Great Mystery”Ephesians 5:22-33 Christian marriage is not an end in itself. Marriage is God’s living illustration of His relationship with His people – Christ’s relationship to His bride, the Church. 1. Jesus is the Founder and Head of the Church (v23-24) 2. Jesus is […]

Easter’s Joy

Yesterday’s Message Outline: Easter Sunday 4/12/09 – First Assembly of God “Easter’s Joy”   John 20:19-20 The resurrection of Jesus Christ is MORE than just a historical fact ; MORE than simply a theological truth; MORE than a doctrinal statement (though it IS all of these things). The resurrection is the most wonderful, practical, liberating […]

Do You Think He Will Not Come?

This morning’s Message Outline: Palm Sunday 4/5/09 – First Assembly of God “Do You Think He Will Not Come?”John 11:56 So, will He come to Jerusalem? Does He dare? The question is about to be resoundly answered. Absolutely He will come! 1. He’ll come because it was for this purpose that He took on flesh […]

Sermon – The Madhouse of the Universe

Oswald J. Smith was the Pastor of The People’s Church in Toronto, Canada. He had a burning passion for evangelism, and over the course of his ministry raised millions of dollars for the cause of world missions. He popularized the Faith Promise system of prioritizing missions giving that is still used in thousands of local […]