Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther




Battles are inevitable, but victory is not.  We often find ourselves fighting enemies that are stronger than we are.


Experience “FEARLESS” and find out once and for all.


Starting Sunday, July 8th, Pastor Phil Morgan will teach this 8-part series on how to live without fear in spite of all odds.  Clear lessons from the historic life of Joshua, the Israeli General who 3500 years ago led his nation to conquer vastly superior enemies and establish the Jewish people in their own land after 440 years of slavery and wandering.


July 8th   –   Getting Beyond Stagnation

July 15th   –   Believing God for the Improbable

August 5th   –   Breaking Through Life’s Dead Ends

August 12th   –   How to Make the Past Count

August 19th   –   A Radical New Start

August 26th   –   The Key to All Real Victories

September 16th   –   Sabotaging Your Success

September 23rd   –   You Can’t Pray That!


Join us each Sunday morning at 10:45am.  Excellent Nursery and Kids Programs provided.