Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther

Friday Dispatches – Week Ending 11/2/2012

A collection of assorted postings and pages I picked up while aimlessly wandering around the net this past week.   3 things have dominated the past week, and 1 more thing SHOULD have. Superstorm Sandy. The devastation has been terrible. … [Continue reading]

New eBook: “The Revival We Need” by Oswald J. Smith

I have another classic eBook for you today. Download it absolutely free (see link below). "The Revival We Need", by Oswald J. Smith, was first published in 1925. The author was Founding Pastor of The People's Church in Toronto, Canada, and a … [Continue reading]

Reformation Day Plus One

For many Americans, yesterday was just Halloween. “Candy Day.” For Eastcoasters cleaning up after the devastation of “Superstorm Sandy”, it wasn’t even that. Lots of kids will have to wait until the streets are safe and their parents can think about … [Continue reading]

The Bible’s Permanence

Yesterday I wrote about the value of Bible memorization, with a few tips on how to do it. Continuing with the theme of the Bible, the following piece is taken from a newspaper cutting from around 1948. The cutting was tucked away in an old book that … [Continue reading]

Memorizing Scripture For Dummies (Like Me!)

Anyone can memorize Scripture. It’s simply a myth that remembering passages of the Bible is a special ability bestowed on a chosen few. The question is not “Can I memorize Scripture?” but “Do WANT to?” If our desire is strong enough, we can all do … [Continue reading]

“If Repentance Is Lacking” by Donald Gee [Dead Guy University]

Each Sunday I post classic pieces from the history of the Church. Today we're hearing from "The Apostle of Balance", Pentecostal pioneer and statesman, Donald Gee (1891-1966). A brief sketch of his life follows at the bottom of this post. If … [Continue reading]

Friday Dispatches – Week Ending 10/26/2012

A collection of assorted postings and pages I picked up while aimlessly wandering around the net this past week.   Dr. Michael Horton devoted an episode of the "White Horse Inn" Broadcast to the subject "Is 'The Easy Way' Always Best?"  One … [Continue reading]

New eBook: “The Promise of the Spirit: A Reformed View” by Peter Garner

Today I'm releasing a truly special little eBook available for free instant download (just CLICK HERE). "The Promise of the Spirit: A Reformed View", by Peter Garner, first came into my hands back in 1991. It was mailed to me by a friend as a … [Continue reading]

Delivering the Cure

In Daniel 12:2 we read: “Multitudes of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.” The truth expressed in this verse is a certainty that is taught on page after page of … [Continue reading]

What Mercy Means to Me Now (Part of the “Mercy Mondays” Project)

We've come to the final day of this series called "Mercy Mondays". Every Monday for the past 7 weeks, Jenn LeBow has written a prompt on the subject of "mercy", and invited others to respond with posts on their own blogs. (You can read all the … [Continue reading]

“A Lamb for a House” by Andrew Murray [Dead Guy University]

I publish Dead Guy University every Sunday. For generations of Christians through church history, Sunday, "The Lord's Day", was a day specially dedicated to family worship. Today that seems outdated to many, but we are undoubtedly the poorer for … [Continue reading]