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Aeron Morgan 1934 – 2013

My father went home to be with the Lord on Friday, May 3rd.  A week later I had the honor of giving the eulogy at his funeral back in Australia, and what follows below is a transcript. He lived a wonderfully fruitful life for His Savior, and I will always consider it the most profound […]

40 Days With Jesus Devotion #9 – Christ Our Glorious King

Today’s Devotion: Christ Our Glorious King Read Matthew 25:31-46 With great certainty Jesus spoke of a coming Day of Glory, for Himself and all true believers. He did not say, “IF,” but “WHEN the Son of Man shall come…” This is Messianic language, the day when He returns to earth to be manifested in all […]

40 Days With Jesus Devotion #8 – The Mighty Heart of Jesus

Today’s Devotion: The Mighty Heart of Jesus Read Mark 10:13-16 It’s a very moving and significant event in the life and ministry of Jesus.  He has answered the Pharisees on a crucial subject – that of the Divine institution, sacredness, and permanence of the marriage covenant. He lays down solid principles as He defines and […]

40 Days With Jesus Devotion #3 – You Can’t Keep Quiet About Jesus!

Today’s Devotion: You Can’t Keep Quiet About Jesus! Read John 4:21-30 How wonderful an experience it was for many to have personally met and talked with Jesus when He was on earth! Sadly, many who saw Him were blind to who He really was. Some said, “Is not this the Carpenter’s son?” Or, “Can any […]

Bondslaves of Jesus Christ [Guest Blogger: Aeron Morgan]

by Pastor Aeron Morgan Many hymns and songs of worship constantly impress us, inspiring us with their comfort and encouragement, and often presenting a timely challenge. One such hymn, for me, was written by George Matheson (1842-1906). Matheson was a brilliant and promising young student in Scotland. The call of God was on his life […]