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Where to Start Reading the Bible

Have you recently become a follower of Jesus? Or are you trying to help someone else who has? This blog post is for you. Recently I wrote about How To Have a Transformational Quiet Time, and stressed the importance of having a definite reading plan so that you are working your way through your Bible […]

How To Have a Transformational Quiet Time

One of the most basic instincts of the follower of Jesus is a daily quiet time. Some people call it their “devotions”. Simply, it’s a time set aside each day to get alone and, at the very least, read the Bible and pray. This is such a vital activity for fueling a Christian’s spiritual walk, […]

Ways to Maximize Your New Year Start to 2012

New Year Resolutions often don’t last the first week of the year, but I do believe that new year is an excellent time to renew again the basic COMMITMENTS of following Jesus. Keep your new year commitments as short, simple and specific as possible.  Don’t have 25 goals, each made up 10 projects, and don’t […]

“Reading the Bible” by John Newton [Dead Guy University]

Today I’m introducing the first edition of something that I plan to make a regular feature. Each Sunday I’ll post a short classic piece from famous Christians signally used by God down through the history of the church.  There are some good men around today (I mentioned a few recently), but our heritage is so rich, we are fools to […]