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“The Renegade Pastor” by Nelson Searcy [Book Review]

This book review is, I guess, of most interest to my colleagues in ministry (although it would make a great gift for your pastor!) By my count, The Renegade Pastor, is Nelson Searcy’s 12th book in print, not including scores of other ebooks and digital resources he’s produced. But THIS book is probably the one […]

Friday Dispatches – Week Ending 10/19/2012

A collection of assorted postings and pages I picked up while aimlessly wandering around the net this past week.   Brave Tim Challies offered us  his review of the bestselling book, “The Harbinger”.  Several people have asked me about it, and I was given a copy. I haven’t been able to offer a specific comment […]

“The Spirit-Filled Church” by Terry Virgo [Book Review]

The ancient Greeks devised a very unique instrument known as an “Ayolian Harp”. It is still handcrafted in very small numbers today. Its uniqueness is that it’s a stringed instrument that is not designed to be played by human hands. It’s placed in a window in the same way that someone might position a wind-chime. […]

Revisiting “The Great Divorce” [Book Review]

If you’ve never read “The Great Divorce” by C. S. Lewis, it is a powerful book. It’ s been years since I last cracked this old classic open, but just recently I picked it up and was enthralled all over again. Anyone who enjoyed Lewis’s other famous work, “The Screwtape Letters”, will love this book. […]

“Simplicity in Preaching” by J.C. Ryle [Review]

Pastor Al recently purchased a number of copies of this wonderful little booklet and gave me one. It’s based on a lecture delivered at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, on behalf of the Homiletical Society by J.C. Ryle (who Spurgeon called “an evangelical champion . . . One of the bravest and best of men.”) What a great (and […]

BOOK REVIEW – Why We’re Not Emergent

Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), by Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2008. This book has been reviewed quite extensively around the internet since it’s publication last year. I bought a copy quite early, but had not gotten around to reading it. The ideas postulated by the very […]