Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther

The Preacher and Writer’s Block

I’ve been in the trenches as a lead pastor for over 20 years now.  Over that period I’ve preached 2 to 3 times each week to the congregations I’ve served, plus some other engagements I’ve been invited to from time to time, plus weddings and funerals. That means that, based on an average of 150 […]

New eBook – “A Puritan Catechism” by C.H.Spurgeon (Free pdf Download)

Announcing a brand new free eBook ready for you to download. In 1855, the 21 year old pastor of the New Park Street church in London, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, burdened for the families of his congregation, published “A Puritan Catechism”.  Spurgeon went on to become one of the most beloved and quoted preachers of the modern […]

How To Have a Transformational Quiet Time

One of the most basic instincts of the follower of Jesus is a daily quiet time. Some people call it their “devotions”. Simply, it’s a time set aside each day to get alone and, at the very least, read the Bible and pray. This is such a vital activity for fueling a Christian’s spiritual walk, […]

5 Books Every Christian Should Read

I have agonized over what should be included on a list entitled “5 Books Every Christian Should Read”.  I have thousands of books in my own library, and a couple of dozen of them were serious contenders.  The longer the list, however, the more daunting it would be for someone starting out (either in the […]

The Craftsmanship of God

“He fashions their hearts individually.” Psalm 33:15 It’s the same every time I go to the bank. The teller looks down at my half-filled in deposit slip and gives me that look. “You still don’t know your account number?”  Like a scolded schoolboy I hand over my debit card, “The number’s on here if you […]

5 Famous Christians and the Bible Verses that Converted Them

Romans 10:17 says “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Down through the centuries God’s Word, even as little as a single verse, has arrested and transformed the lives of men and women who went on to be great gospel soldiers. Here are a handful of those stories; a few of […]

The MOST Challenging Person To Lead

Last night at our Leadership PITstop meeting I shared the following teaching. Here’s the outline if you weren’t there: The MOST Challenging Person to Lead Who is it?  YOURSELF, of course! Without question the MOST challenging person to lead is ourselves, and yet self-leadership is absolutely essential if we are going to be used by […]

The Greatness of God, The Smallness of Man

I’ve been reading Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love”. In the opening chapter he directs readers to watch this short video on the web. Absolutely amazing. Understand this – God created this Universe. He holds it in the palm of His hand. As I watched the video I was reminded of some words of Charles Spurgeon. When he was […]

New eBook – “All of Grace” by C.H. Spurgeon (Free pdf Download)

We have a brand new eBook available for instant download (just CLICK HERE). “All of Grace” by Charles Spurgeon is a classic. It’s plain gospel presentation has been used to lead many people to Christ over the years since it’s publication, and has inspired generations of soulwinners. In this short, no-fluff little book (just 96 […]

What Should Your Preacher Be Doing? Two Bible Pictures

There is no alternative program for the building up of God’s Church to replace preaching. It is God’s ordained means (1 Corinthians 1:21; Titus 1:3; 2 Timothy 4:2.) So, the Bible gives us quite a bit of instruction about how to preach, including prescriptions on the content of our preaching and examples of powerful sermons. […]

My Top 5 Favorite Preachers Today

A list like this, of course, is very subjective, and I hasten to add that this is not some “fan” list; I do not wish to adulate or idolize these men. They are simply preachers that I find consistently helpful – they encourage my spiritual growth. I also set the criteria for this list that […]