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New eBook – “The Hound of Heaven” by Francis Thompson (Free pdf Download)

Announcing a brand new free eBook ready for you to download. It’s just 8 pages long, containing the full text of one of the most famous poems in Christendom: “The Hound of Heaven” by Francis Thompson. A powerful description of the pursuit of a human soul by God. I’ve also included a short biographical sketch of […]

New eBook – “Daniel Rowlands” by J.C.Ryle (Free pdf Download)

We have a brand new free eBook ready for you to download. Let me say a few words of introduction as to what it’s about. From time to time you will hear people talking about “the Welsh Revival”. When I hear that I immediately want to ask “Which Welsh Revival are you referring to?”  The […]

New eBook – “Union and Communion” by J. Hudson Taylor (Free pdf Download)

We’re pleased to release a brand new eBook available for instant download (just CLICK HERE). “Union and Communion” by J. Hudson Taylor is a wonderful devotional classic based on the Song of Solomon. It’s just 50 pages long, but it is so full of rich content you will want to read it more than once. I urge you […]

WIN the Evidence Bible!

I’m giving away a free copy of The Evidence Bible – and YOU’VE got a really good chance to win it. CLICK HERE to read all about this great Bible. You will love it! OK, here’s the deal. I want to come up with a new name for this blog. Whoever submits the suggestion that […]