Peace if possible. Truth at all costs. ~ Martin Luther

The Power of a Myriad Stories

What is God up to with His Church? Where is all this headed? What are our lives about, and why hasn’t God wrapped up history already? Why hasn’t Jesus come back and taken the Church home by now? In Ephesians chapter 3, Paul tells us what is the ultimate purpose of the Church. If I […]

Mission’s Flame by Matt Redman [Video]

Great song by Matt Redman, putting the emphasis in Missions right where it belongs … for the praise and glory of God. That’s the theme of our brand new Study Hall series this Wednesday night: “Let the Nations Be Glad”. If you live in the Greater Danbury area, join us Wednesday at 7pm. Click “More” below […]

New Study Hall Series – “Let The Nations Be Glad”

Commencing next Wednesday evening, October 27th – 7.00pm. A brand new 6-part series for our midweek Study Hall, to coincide with our November Missions Emphasis Month … Let The Nations Be Glad! Based on the book, and featuring video teaching clips, by John Piper.

The Greatness of God, The Smallness of Man

I’ve been reading Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love”. In the opening chapter he directs readers to watch this short video on the web. Absolutely amazing. Understand this – God created this Universe. He holds it in the palm of His hand. As I watched the video I was reminded of some words of Charles Spurgeon. When he was […]

Why Does God Allow Suffering? Zac Smith [Video]

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

Glorying in David’s God – Psalm 78:72

“So he (David) shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, And guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.” (Psalm 78:72) So often this verse has been used to focus on the 2 needs of leadership … heart and hands – integrity and skill. A valid point, I’m sure. But Psalm 78 is not about […]

The Uniqueness of God

The Book of Deuteronomy recounts Moses “farewell” at the end of his life. He is preparing the people of Israel to move into the Promised Land under the leadership of his successor Joshua. Moses himself would not go in with them. The name “Deuteronomy” comes from two words: “deuteros” meaning “two” or “second”, and “nomos” […]

Quotes for Chewing on #1 – Piper On The Rightful Centrality of God’s Glory in our lives

“We were made to know and treasure the glory of God above all things; and when we trade that treasure for images, everything is disordered. The sun of God’s glory was made to shine at the center of the solar system of our soul. And when it does, all the planets of our life are […]