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“The Renegade Pastor” by Nelson Searcy [Book Review]

This book review is, I guess, of most interest to my colleagues in ministry (although it would make a great gift for your pastor!) By my count, The Renegade Pastor, is Nelson Searcy’s 12th book in print, not including scores of other ebooks and digital resources he’s produced. But THIS book is probably the one […]

Leaders Book Summaries [Review]

A couple of months ago I stumbled on the website of Leaders Book Summaries and I’ve become a bit of a fan. The concept has been around for a long time; I know of at least one other larger company offering a similar service (there may be more). The idea is that you subscribe and […]

Ways to Maximize Your New Year Start to 2012

New Year Resolutions often don’t last the first week of the year, but I do believe that new year is an excellent time to renew again the basic COMMITMENTS of following Jesus. Keep your new year commitments as short, simple and specific as possible.  Don’t have 25 goals, each made up 10 projects, and don’t […]