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Missed It By That Much! How Humanistic Preaching Gets the Gospel Wrong

Browsing through the latest issue of “Preaching” Magazine this week (always at least 1 or 2 helpful articles), I was troubled again to read the page of suggested illustrations for spicing up sermons. Here’s an example: “Have you heard of any of these famous failures as reported in ‘Mental Floss’ magazine? Author Jack London was […]

Bizarre Website – “The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”

This peculiar story was picked up by Wretched Radio earlier this week. A group calling themselves VHEM, or “The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”, (we have no idea how large the membership is … one hand or two?), have launched a website espousing a philosophy of, yes, “Voluntary Human Extinction”. Yup, snuffing ourselves out. You can […]