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“If Repentance Is Lacking” by Donald Gee [Dead Guy University]

Each Sunday I post classic pieces from the history of the Church. Today we’re hearing from “The Apostle of Balance”, Pentecostal pioneer and statesman, Donald Gee (1891-1966). A brief sketch of his life follows at the bottom of this post. If Repentance is Lacking by Donald Gee What I believe to be the deepest need of […]

Viva La Reformacion!

I have been sensing the dealings of God in my heart for some months now; speaking with other pastors and church leaders I am encouraged that many are feeling challenged in remarkably similar ways. It’s my conviction that God is preparing a remnant in the church for an awakening. Indeed it’s already underway in seed […]

10 Indictments Against The Modern Church In America

On October 23rd, Paul Washer preached in Atlanta, a sermon entitled “10 Indictments Against the Modern Church in America”. Links have popped up all over the internet to watch or listen to it. Every Christian needs to hear it through at least once. Every preacher and pastor more than once. So let me give you […]

The Perfect Law of God

In today’s church, the mere mention of the preaching of “law” incites looks of disdain and suspicion. Ever heard Christians say something like this? … “Surely to preach law makes you a legalist, and doesn’t the Bible teach against that?” “The law is Old Testament, and now that Jesus has come all of that has […]

The "R" Word

Here are the scandalous observable facts: 80-90% of people who are recorded as making “a decision for Christ” in today’s Evangelical churches do not go on to committed discipleship. They are lost to the faith within a very short time, many of them immediately. These people will generally be harder to reach again in the […]